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They were semi automatic, that means you have to pull the

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People in the film and TV business were afraid that reality

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Forces Korea, in March as he visits the Joint Security Area

After the case is solved, Ms. Morstan is with them at 221B and she talks about how tired they both must be. Holmes says something to the affirmative while walking into another room, basically dismissing her. Photos from ESPN the Magazine’s fifth annual “Body Issue” were just released, and once again, more than a dozen of the world’s top athletes stripped down to the buff in sexy and steamy shoots that pay tribute to their (heavenly) bodies. The issue includes eight different covers and 22 athletes total, including Denver Nuggets player Kenneth Faried, Scottish golfer Carly Booth, soccer player Sydney LeRoux, and, in what some deem a surprise, 77 year old golfer Gary Player the oldest athlete to ever appear in one of the “Body” issues.While each of the athletes shot are positively gawk worthy (we say it’s okay to stare!), five fit athletes in particular caught our eyes. Check out our fave athletes to grace the 2013 Body Issue, then tell us: Whose body do you most admire?1.

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Unless he covered business news when I blinked or sneezed

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